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Makoto Shinkai, the constructor of new worlds


An amateur animator

Prttrait of Makoto ShinkaiMakoto Shinkai is a japanese director of animated movies who belongs to a new generation who have never worked in the traditional animation method.

In his 20’s Makoto worked for a videogame company called Falcom, there, he made video games and graphics and he met the musician Tenmon, who now collaborates in many of his movies by providing the music score. While he was working at Falcom he made a five-minute short piece done in monochrome called She and Her Cat, the story was about a cat's perspective as it spends time with its owner, really simple but beautiful, it won several prizes.

Makoto was decided, and left his job at Falcom to create a short animated film called Voices of a Distant Star, despite having almost no experience combining narrative and animation Shinkai told a unique story. The movie developed at a scince fitcional world, about a war in space, but the real story conflict was about the lonliness the two principals characters presented because of the distance between them and the only way to survive was to relive their memories in their heads. The film looked incredibly good for a one-man project. This short was a great success for an amateur animator and he made himself into the anime indsutry.

Makoto had worked in several movies, commercials, video games, mangas and illustrations. People felt in love with his stories and his beautiful skies. Now, Makoto has made it again, the last month Makoto released Your Name a movie that talks about the exchange of bodies between two japanese students. The movie, in only one month, had a great success in Japan and the news are on the internet. The japanese audience felt moved because of the topics in the movie. Now, he has positioned himself as one of the most important japanese directors of animation, next to the famous Hayao Miyazaki.

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Poetic animation

Makoto creates all his works on the digital area. He had made a distinction between the technology and the style of digital animation: he creates 3D landscapes in a 2D style. The digital area supports new animators to create projects with technology cheaper and more approachable than it’s ever been. This techcnology has helped Makoto to create some of the industry's most beautiful imagery.

Makoto Shinkai creates new worlds out of the details of daily life, he speaks about distance, time, childhood memories and lonliness. And in his visuals, all his art has a distinct visual feel thanks to a combination of warm lighting and detalied vistas. This both conbinated gives almost a poetric feel.

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The beauty of the film

The first thing I admired of the movies of Makoto Shinkai was how he played with light, creating landscapes that could be real but also felt like a dream. That could be an important characteristic of Makoto’s work.

Another aspect I love about his work are his stories, his simple and deep stories. He can really turn the daily life of a person into something interesting, reflexive and emotional. The stories are so well develop that when you realize the movie is ending and you are shedding a little tear because the beauty of the film.

I think audiovisual designers have to learn how to combine image and sound for a good reception of the message. Makoto Shinkai knows how to do that. I want to learn the way he tells stories and eventually create my own style.

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Trailer. Your Name (君の名は / Kimi no Na wa): trailer


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